“Tykho Moon” de Enki Bilal

Tykho Moon (Trailer)

Mirroring the style of French graphic novels and dramatic comic strips, this adventure is set in a rundown lunar city and chronicles an evil, rapidly aging dictator’s desperate search for the man who unwillingly donated his brain cells to him 20 years before. The dictator Mac Bee begins his mad hunt after an assassin kills his heirs. Without more of Tykho Moon’s brain cells, Mac Bee will lose control of the moon and so sends out his best storm troopers to find Tykho. But Tykho lost his memory after the first operation and has become Anikst, a sculptor. He has a feeling that something is wrong and that for some reason he may be the object of the intense searching. While wandering the city streets, he encounters and falls in love with Lena, a beautiful prostitute who also turns out to be more than she seems. (Sandra Brennan)

Tykho Moon en IMDB


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